Keiona Revlon Walks the Vogue World: Paris Runway, Fans Are Living: ‘Crazy Iconic’

Keiona Revlon has set the fashion world abuzz with her stunning appearance at the Vogue World: Paris event, leaving fans absolutely gagged. This star turn took place during the highly anticipated Haute Couture Fashion Week, which has already delivered several memorable celebrity moments. Among them, Sabrina Carpenter’s Espresso music-video-inspired Jacquemus ensemble and Katy Perry’s daring cut-out black floral dress.

However, it was the Drag Race France season two winner, Keiona Revlon, who truly stole the show. She graced the runway during the Track & Field segment, donning an elegant Nina Ricci outfit. Revlon, embodying the essence of German actress and androgyny pioneer Marlene Dietrich, captivated the audience not only with her look but also by addressing attendees via a microphone.

“I am the host tonight and your queen, Keiona! The queen of France,” she declared, marking a moment broadcast live and now etched in the memories of fashion enthusiasts.

Styled by the renowned Carine Roitfeld and IB Kamara, Revlon’s appearance was a homage to 100 Years of Fashion and Sports. Following the event, she took to Instagram to share her elation, posting, “I feel like I’m still dreaming. The little Black queer in me cannot believe it.”

Expressing gratitude, she added, “Thanks to the entire team for this legendary moment,” while tagging stylists, choreographers, and artists who contributed to her runway look. Special mention went to her stylist and image director, @liamcdjg, for their vision and unwavering belief in her since the beginning.

The response from fans has been overwhelming. Online, admirers dubbed her performance “crazy iconic,” with one fan enthusiastically declaring, “This was your moment.” Revlon’s image director echoed the sentiment, commenting, “Proud is an understatement. I have no words.”

A particularly ecstatic fan exclaimed, “THE WAY I GAGGED WHEN YOU CAME UP IN THE VIDEO,” while another praised, “GATHERED THE GIRLS & ATE THAT ISH UP.”

Keiona Revlon’s breathtaking runway moment at Vogue World: Paris has not only solidified her status in the fashion world but also inspired countless fans, making it a night to remember.