MQBMBQ: The new cultural movement Celebrating Black Queerness

MQBMBQ stands for “My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness” and is an exploration of black queer identity

Founded by Jordan Anderson, pronouns he/him, creative director of European fashion and culture platform NSS Magazine, MQBMBQ manifests in many forms via a dedicated website, a cult Instagram page, collaborative podcasts and more. The topics discussed in these deep cultural moments all have the recurring theme of black queerness, which is portrayed in extremely creative and eloquent ways. This has sparked the attention of big brands including Gucci, Polaroid and Converse who have had the joy of working with Anderson on projects that shine a light on imperative subjects spanning sexuality to social justice. 

Here are a few recent MQBMBQ project examples. Expect your mind to be blown

My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness x Gucci Equilibrium

Partnering with Gucci Equilibrium, the fashion giant’s inclusivity and positive change programme that uses the hashtag #GucciCommunity to widen its global reach, MQBMBQ delivered a discussion focusing on the theme of Black Queer Sexuality and Social Justice for the Self & The Collective. Joined by racial, social and gender Justice Educator Ericka Hart, black critical theorist and transmedia artist SA Smythe and Scholar of Ancestral Zambezian Knowledge Banji Chona, they explored, “the impact that sexual liberation can have in the lives of Black Queer people and its importance on the road to social justice.”


My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness x Polaroid

For the entire month of February 2022, MQBMBQ celebrated “the dynamic quest(ion) of Black Queer love.” In collaboration with Polaroid, Anderson and his team created a campaign that looked into the interchangeability of love and, “the unlimited powers that it can unlock within Black Queer people. Whether in regards to romantic love, love of self, love for/from family or love of seeing and being seeing.” In particular, this project wanted to increase the visibility of black queer love on screen. Something that is sadly currently hugely lacking. “It is a direct defiance to the Eurocentric standards of what is considered beautiful, worthy and/or acceptable,” notes Anderson.

My Queer Blackness, My Black Queerness x Kwesi Botchway and Ggggrimes

For The Black Jigsaw Project, MQBMBQ joined creative forces with visual artists Kwesi Botchway and Ggggrimes to create a duo of breathtaking puzzles that celebrate Black Queer identity. Both artists interpreted the brief in unique ways with Kwesi Botchway introducing ‘Self-Love,’ and Ggggrimes ‘Our Home.’ A limited amount of 100 jigsaw puzzles were made “enabling an interactive relationship between artist and spectator in a way that is not usually possible.” From the sale, MQBMBQ raised €17,600 and minus the costs of shipping, donated €15,000 to Movimento Identità Trans (MIT) — one of Italy’s oldest and most important Trans centred organisations.

We encourage you to follow MQBMBQ for more groundbreaking and thoughtful work that brings issues that are not talked about enough, or at all in some cases, to our beautiful community. 

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