For Them: Revolutionising binding for the LGBT+ community 

Trans-owned company For Them is breaking down barriers in the binding sphere by offering people that bind a product and lifestyle that not only supports them physically but emotionally too. 

First up, For Them has designed two innovative products named ‘The Binder’ and ‘The Binder Max,’ which not only bind effectively but also combat issues that many people face with other binding products or when they decide to DIY. Think breathing problems and rib injuries due to excessive chest compression. For Them’s products are enabling people to express their true selves, without affecting or harming their health. For the LGBT+ community, presenting an authentic version of who they are is crucial for their mental wellbeing. 

Next, For Them is making waves in the ad industry through its recent ad titled ‘Drag is Divine,’ in response to the recent anti-drag legislation in the US. “By championing drag artists, we not only celebrate the artistry and creativity they bring to the world, but we also affirm the freedom of self-expression for all individuals. As a trans-owned company serving gender-expansive folks, For Them stands arm-in-arm with our drag siblings.” For Them. 

Visit the For Them website to find out more.