All seasons of Glee ranked from best to worst

As Glee comes close to its 15th anniversary since its promising pilot, it’s time to look at an important show that was formative for a lot of queer millennials. While the show didn’t quite age well because of rampant body shaming and other problems, we can’t deny the cultural impact it’s had over its 6 season run. Here’s a look at every season of Glee ranked from best to worst :

1. Season 1
Fans of the show unanimously agree that it was the best season. A primetime musical that was very unapologetically queer for its time, was unprecedented.
Season Highlight: Quinn Fabray giving birth interpolated to Vocal Adrenaline’s rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Source: Tumblr
2. Season 2
It’s almost as strong a season as the first one. While being a teenage dramedy at its heart, Glee further touches upon important social issues. While sometimes being a little problematic, it’s important to remember that the show also did its share of good on an unparalleled scale.
Season Highlight: Blaine and the Warblers singing Teenage Dream to an awestricken Kurt.

3. Season 3
Glee is notorious for being mawkish. Season three does a lot of that and not well at times. As a lot of the McKinley High students are about to graduate, it heralds the hope of a new era. And then fails to deliver the same. 
Season Highlight: An Adele mashup of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You performed by The Trouble Tones which ends with Santana slapping Finn because she assumed he outed her.

4. Season 4
Curiosity kills the cat. While the fourth season of Glee may not kill you, it certainly won’t make you stronger either. Certain things are best left alone, and every season of Glee starting from the fourth is one of them.
Queerest Moment: Santana and Quinn finally let go of inhibitions and take their friendship to a new level.

5. Season 5
While the show progressively drops down with each season, however, in season 5 the way they deal with the off-screen death of one of the leads, onscreen, is commendable.
Season Highlight: The episode – ‘The Quarterback’.

6. Season 6
You were warned earlier on to view the rest of the show at your own risk. The season often has bizarre ideas and massive plot holes and the show doesn’t even try to hold onto the last dregs of something that started as magical. Squeezing out nostalgia doesn’t work when it takes more precedence than the script.
Season Highlight: N/A

Ranking every Glee season was a no-brainer as the ranks are equivalent to the season numbers. The first three seasons are beautiful and Ryan Murphy has teased a Glee reboot. Maybe this time he’ll do justice to a show that could have been wholly great.

Debbie Das