Pearls by JESSIE WARE is a Fabulously Camp Track

Could Pearls by Jessie Ware snatch the song of the summer?

Jessie Ware is pop music’s jack of all trades. Since releasing her debut album, Devotion, over a decade ago, in 2013, the singer-songwriter has expanded into multiple different industries. Now, Jessie is adding BBC Radio 2 presenter to her impressive list of accolades, alongside podcaster, broadcaster, and journalist. Despite her multiple hobbies, Jessie is finally back to what she (arguably) does best, which is music, after releasing her campest bop to date, Pearls.

Pearls is a quintessential Jessie Ware single. It has stellar vocals and smooth production. Jessie’s USP is her ability to make the listener visualise the colours and textures of a song. And if Pearls had a colour, it would most certainly be hot pink. The track is unapologetically fun. It has a disco-style beat, combined with a modern twist. It is almost certainly going to be played in every queer club across the planet.

Pearls by Jessie Ware

Part of Jessie’s appeal is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. You get the impression that her music career isn’t her be-all and end-all, which is refreshing. In an interview with AnotherMag, Jessie was asked what she is most proud of in her career, to which Jesse replied, “the resurrection of my career.” She continued: “When I became at peace with the artist I wanted to be and started to enjoy myself, it all kind of paid off.” Nowadays, pop stars take themselves too seriously, and have a sort of messiah complex. Whereas Jessie is doing it because she enjoys it and because she is good at it, and this is why she is so tantalisingly enjoyable to watch live. 

For a decade now, Jessie has enjoyed a comfortable level of fame, but her music has never really been mainstream. Although Pearls is potentially the song that could catapult Jesse into the international charts. In an Instagram post, Jessie shared her excitement about the lead single, “It’s the second song you will hear from my collaboration with Stuart Price and Coffee – with the wonderful addition of Sarah Hudson – and hopefully gives you a taste of the fun we have working together.” Pearls is the lead track from Jessie’s 5th studio album, named, ‘That! Feels Good!’ The album is due to be released on April 25th and is now available for pre-order.

You can watch the music video for Pearls by Jessie Ware here: