A Celebration of Queer Strength

Queer Strength is the pillar of our community

As brutal attacks and political debates targeting queer people continue all over the world, it can be hard to remain positive. But, despite the rampant homophobia, targeted violence and ignorance that faces the community every day, queer individuals need to take a moment to celebrate the undisputable strength and resilience of our LGBTQIA+ family.

With the history books labelling queer relationships as friendships and a huge lack of media representation in the present day, it’s no surprise that many from our community have faced confusion, anxiety, and fear when figuring out who we really are.

Originally categorised as ‘queer’ to describe our ‘unexplainable’ and ‘weird’ preferences, we continue to fight hard to redefine slurs and radiate our beauty. We are the true pursuers of the art of ‘not giving a f**k’. We learn what it means to be authentic, to feel the judgment of society and follow our own path anyway, to love ourselves and all our imperfections, and to be a part of a powerful collective.

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The community has not only stood up to fight against its own injustices, but LGBTQIA+ history demonstrates powerful activism to defend the rights of people around the world. From supporting the miners to supporting women’s rights, the community has put aside differences and started movements without expecting anything in return. Queer people have always displayed strong morals, empathy, and kindness.

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Things are always changing and developing, as queer individuals learn more and look deeper into their authentic selves, new perspectives and labels will continue to be introduced. The LGBTQIA+ community have to remain open-armed to everyone in the community and stand with those that are still finding their way. Stand with our Trans family, with queer People of Colour, and be proud together. 

It’s important to consider all the amazing things the community is doing and the progress that’s been made. People are getting married, raising children, creating art, writing books, entertaining crowds, breaking records, and spreading love. Future generations will see this time in history and be inspired by those of us that are unapologetically loud, as well as those who are simply finding contentment. 

Not everyone will share this perspective; many people will never understand what it means to be queer and some will continue to fight against LGBTQIA+ rights, but our confidence to step outside of society’s confined box and resilience to keep going, can be intimidating to those who choose not to embrace diversity. Let’s take this as a compliment and enjoy the adventure.

Queer people always have and always will be here. The LGBTQIA+ community always have and always will fight to be heard and be included. Our community doesn’t just deserve tolerance, we deserve to be loved.