Trans Actress , Nava Mau , the breakout star of baby reindeer

Trans actress Mau plays Teri, an American therapist, in Richard Gadd’s critically acclaimed drama, Baby Reindeer, based on his real experience of being physically and virtually stalked by a mentally ill woman.

While the show primarily focuses on the relationship between protagonist Donny and his stalker Martha (Jessica Gunning), it also delves into his past traumas, as well as his budding romance with a trans woman named Teri, played by Nava Mau

Gadd stars as Donny, a floundering comedian who offers a crying woman a cup of tea in the London pub where he works. It proves to be a mistake of epic proportions when she becomes obsessed with becoming his lover.

However, Donny is already in love with someone else: Teri.

Since the series, Baby Reindeer, premiered on Netflix last week, Gadd has confirmed that Teri is based on a real trans woman he was seeing at the time, explaining that she “was the voice of reason in my life at that point”, although he never “listened to her as much as [he] should have”.

Nava Mau: Rising Star of Netflix’s ‘Baby Reindeer’ Shines in Breakout Role

Netflix’s latest hit, “Baby Reindeer,” not only tops viewing charts but also marks a significant milestone for trans actress Nava Mau, who delivers a compelling performance in this intense stalker drama. Mau plays Teri, a therapist and the love interest of the main character, Richard Gadd, whose life spirals into chaos due to a relentless stalker.

Who is Nava Mau?

Nava Mau
Nava Mau Baby Reindeer

Nava Mau is a talented actress, filmmaker, and advocate for cultural change, particularly within the LGBTQ community. Born in Mexico City and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Mau’s diverse background enriches her roles and creative projects. She graduated from Pomona College in California with a BA in Linguistics & Cognitive Science, which underpins her articulate advocacy.

Mau’s Career Highlights

Before her standout role in “Baby Reindeer,” Mau was a regular on the HBO Max dramedy series “Generation,” which explores the lives of high school students navigating their identities in a modern world. Mau’s role was praised for its nuanced representation of transgender experiences, challenging stereotypes and broadening the narrative around trans characters in television.

Her filmography also includes the 2019 short film “Waking Hour,” which she produced and directed, showcasing her multifaceted talent in the film industry. Furthermore, she contributed as a Production Fellow to the acclaimed Netflix documentary “Disclosure,” which examines Hollywood’s depiction of transgender people and the impact of these stories on transgender lives and American culture.

Advocacy and Upcoming Projects

Mau is deeply involved in advocacy, speaking at panels for organizations like Buzzfeed and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino. She is also co-editing “Paradise on the Margins: Worldmaking by Trans Women of Color,” an anthology that promises to provide vital insights into the experiences of transgender women of color.

Her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, continues to grow as she engages with over 23,000 followers on issues related to transgender rights and representation. With “Baby Reindeer’s” success, her audience and impact are only expected to expand.

Mau’s Role in “Baby Reindeer”

Baby Reindeer
Baby Reindeer

In “Baby Reindeer,” Mau’s character Teri becomes a central figure as she supports Gadd’s character through his trials with a stalker, offering a perspective grounded in empathy and resilience. Her portrayal brings depth and authenticity to the series, highlighting her capacity to convey complex emotions and bring significant cultural narratives to the forefront.

Mau’s participation in “Baby Reindeer” is not just another role but a testament to her dedication to portraying meaningful, realistic characters that resonate with viewers and contribute to broader conversations about diversity and representation in media.

As “Baby Reindeer” continues to captivate global audiences, Nava Mau stands out as a transformative figure in contemporary storytelling. Her journey from independent films to mainstream success illustrates her profound impact on the industry, paving the way for more inclusive and diverse representations on screen.

Keep an eye on Nava Mau as she continues to challenge norms and inspire change, both on and off the screen. Her upcoming project, a short film titled “All the Words But One,” which she also produced and directed, is eagerly anticipated and promises to further showcase her exceptional talents.