Cliterally The Best

Cliterally The Best is providing LGBTQIA+ inclusive sexual pleasure advice

Aside from having literally the best name ever, Cliterally The Best, the collective providing LGBTQIA+ inclusive sexual pleasure advice, is doing so much positive work for the community. Founded by Evangeline Plumb, Cliterally The Best is destigmatising sexual stigmas, creating guidelines for safe sexual encounters and providing people with the correct language to use about our bodies and sexual preferences.

Founder Evangeline Plumb, who likes to be called Evie, launched Cliterally The Best during the pandemic, responding to the idea that so many members of the LGBTQ+ community have been failed by their school or college sex education (or lack of). Evie has many more impressive strings to her bow, she’s also the ​​Digital Marketing Manager for the inclusive, sustainable period wellness brand @hereweflo, and a proud ambassador for the youth-led sex-positive charity Fumble. She’s also recently been nominated for the Brook & SH24 NHS sexual health awards and has been featured in Forbes magazine for her thoughtful mental health illustrations. 

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Evie’s key goal with Cliterally The Best is to help people “Unlearn all the myths surrounding their bodies and sex in a shame-free way.” She does exactly this in a number of ways. Firstly, the dedicated website is a resource hub like no other. It’s jam-packed with educational articles split into three sections; ‘Sexual Health’, where topics range from LGBT+ safe sex to abortion, then there is the ‘Become Sex Positive’ tab where ethical porn and sex positive books are covered, and finally, there’s ‘Pleasure,’ where really thought-provoking articles range from disability and pleasure to body positivity. 

What’s brilliant is that there’s also a Cliterally The Best shop, so you can order exactly what you’ve just read up on. Think water-based aloe lube, sex positive homeware, tees and stationery. There’s even an option to download specially designed visuals such as a page on clear and concise sex ed anatomy and even a breakup survival plan.  

There are so many ways to engage with Cliterally The Best, there’s Evie’s Sex Positive newsletter you can subscribe to, a podcast, an Instagram page and of course the regularly updated resource hub on her website. Enjoy getting stuck in!