Saints and Sinners Art Show Fights LGBTQIA+ Injustices

Hosted by the powerfully inspiring East London-based art space Guts Gallery, Saints and
Sinners is an art show running this summer that traverses what it means to LGBTQIA+ today.

Featuring work by the LGBTQIA+ community, this art show’s message is integral to current
society, especially as we are seeing spaces where people once felt accepted, welcome and
celebrated are closing on a daily basis. And not to mention the constant global media stories
that share unnecessary hate about these beautiful people.

Saints and Sinners shows a provocative display of art in intersectional manifestations, which
range from physical art to interactive Q&A sessions and discussions. Prompting conversations
around the LGBTQIA+ community and the inequality and prejudice they face on a daily basis is
paramount to working towards a more inclusive and positive future for all.

“Through making, these artists are able to access unbridled self-expression and, in doing so,
can resist and reject the heteronormative institutions of power that seek to suppress and erase
those that don’t fit into its rigid structures and binary frameworks.” Guts Gallery.
Visit the Guts Gallery website for tickets here.

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