Same-Sex Marriage Now Allowed by Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow same-sex marriage

Following years of campaigning, The Church of Scotland has voted to allow clergy to conduct same-sex marriage for the first time with 274 votes for and 136 against. This mean same-sex couples will be married in church services conducted by ministers. However, this only applies if they so choose. Ministers can choose not to take part if they do not wish to.

This is not only a win for religious LGBTQ+ individuals in Scotland but also for those that are not religious as the last major progressive, LGBTQ+ centred law seen in Scotland occurred in December of 2014 when same-sex marriage was legalised outside of the Church. 

Church of Scotland Allows same-sex marriage

© Danny Lawson

The decision, unsurprisingly, was met with debate. Both positive and negative reactions were shared online, including former Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson who tweeted: 

“Delighted to see that the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has voted for ministers to be able to conduct same-sex marriage.” 

On the other hand, The Covenant Fellowship Scotland (evangelicals within the Church of Scotland) issued a statement citing a complete lack of “any compelling or persuasive biblical evidence that might permit ministers and deacons of the Church of Scotland to officiate at same-sex marriages.” However, it is expected that the backlash will have no effect on the legislation, and we can expect minister-officiated same-sex marriages in the coming months of 2022.