Imagine Dragons declare shows a ‘safe space’ for LGBTQ+ people

The significance of musicians showing support for the LGBTQ+ community cannot be underestimated, especially in 2023, which has seen an alarming increase in anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the US. In this challenging climate, vocal allies are more crucial than ever.

One such ally is Hayley Williams of Paramore, who not only headlined the “Love Rising” benefit concert, raising funds for LGBTQ+ organisations in Tennessee, but also used her platform to speak out against the anti-LGBTQ+ governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Other prominent artists like Madonna, Hozier, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé have also spoken out against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and expressed their support for the queer community. Now, Imagine Dragons, the pop rock band known for hits like “Demons’ ‘ and “Radioactive,” join this group of musicians in making their concerts a safe space for supporting queer individuals and standing against bigotry.

In their recent documentary, “Imagine Dragons Live in Vegas,” lead singer Dan Reynolds demonstrated solidarity with the community by proudly holding a Progress Pride flag during a concert and singing empowering lyrics from their song “It’s Time.” This isn’t the first time the band has shown their support. Reynolds founded the annual LoveLoud festival in 2017, aiming to raise awareness about the challenges LGBTQ+ teens face daily and raise funds for queer charities across the country.

Reynolds, along with bassist Ben McKee, who often performs with a guitar painted in the colours of the trans flag, deeply cares about human rights and the freedom to love whomever one chooses. They want to be a voice for those who have been marginalised and bring love and inclusion to the world.

Despite their humility and insistence that they are not trying to be heroes, their support as cisgender, heterosexual, and chart-topping superstars holds undeniable weight. Especially when other influential figures may be actively opposing the LGBTQ+ community.

For Ben McKee, growing up around same-sex couples in his family made him realise the importance of creating an inclusive environment for everyone. With this in mind, Imagine Dragons’ concerts are now a safe and welcoming place for everyone, sending a powerful message of acceptance and support.

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