Yes, you heard correctly, Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey’s dad, will release his debut album on June 9th

Lana Del Rey fans were stunned this week to hear that “nepodaddy” Rob Grant is actually releasing a full album, complete with a promotional tour, this summer. The album is even said to be produced by none other than the world-famous, Jack Antonoff: the brain behind Taylor Swift, Lorde, Fun and the 1975’s most recent works. The album, Lost At Sea, will also feature two duets with the queen herself, Lana Del Rey, on tracks Lost At Sea, and Hollywood Bowl. 

The name Lost At Sea is thought to be a calculated crossover with a Lana lyric from Mariners Apartment Complex, on the critically acclaimed Norman Fucking Rockwell. The track is about the grounding qualities of Lana and women in relation to men who are mentally lost. Rob Grant’s upcoming release, therefore, is likely going to give us a deeper insight into the life and childhood of Lana, born Lizzie Grant, and how it has affected her music and lyricism. 

Rob Grant to release album
via Instagram / @robertenglandgrant

Upon breaking the news, Rob Grant and his team immediately dropped the first single, titled, Setting Sail On A Distant Horizon. In an interview, Grant discussed the thought process behind the first release, “Setting Sail’ is a piano piece that I composed about the happiness and freedom I felt as I would set sail out of Newport, RI in my 25 foot sloop ‘Erewhon’, heading out to the islands of Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard.” He continued: “The piano begins slowly and then builds as the sails fill with wind, and the boat begins to heal, leaning into the heavy Atlantic swells. The piano carries you forward as the sloop gains speed, catching more wind, bound for the distant horizon.”

According to now-deleted blurbs on Spotify and other streaming platforms, Grant describes himself as an “accidental recording artist.” Apparently, Grant has had no formal training at all, and even can’t read sheet music. However, “but when he sits down at a piano, something magic happens. Notes flow from him and out pours composition after composition.” It seems like it runs in the family. 

Lost At Sea will be a 14-track album consisting of mainly piano ballads – apart from the occasional vocal performances from his daughter, Lana. The record will be released on all streaming services on June 6th, as well as on vinyl and CD, thanks to the label, Decca Records.

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