THE NEW frank ocean leaks have fans asking the question

Frank Ocean, the enigmatic R&B singer-songwriter has been in the news a lot in recent times, with his recent Coachella appearance. Frank’s fans have been surprised with the leak of two new tracks titled “Changes” and “These Days.” The leaks, which appeared online seemingly out of nowhere, have sent shockwaves through the music community and left fans wondering if a new album is on the horizon.

Changes” is a slow-burning ballad that showcases Ocean’s trademark falsetto and introspective lyrics. The song features minimal instrumentation, with Ocean’s vocals taking centre stage as he sings about the ups and downs of relationships whilst also having a verse from Spanish singer Rosalía

Frank Ocean and Rosalía in the Changes music video

These Days,” on the other hand, is a more upbeat track that features a groovy bass line and funky guitar riffs. The song sees Ocean reflecting on his past and contemplating the choices he’s made in life.

Both tracks have been met with enthusiastic responses from fans, who have been eagerly awaiting new material from Ocean since the release of his critically acclaimed album, “Blonde,” in 2016.

Frank hasn’t released an album since 2016

Many have taken the leaks as a sign that a new project may be on the way, although Ocean himself has yet to confirm anything.

Regardless of what the future holds, “Changes” and “These Days” serve as a reminder of Ocean’s singular talent and the unique emotional depth he brings to his music. For fans of Ocean, the leaks have been an exciting development, and many will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating whatever comes next.