LGBTQ+ Affirming Films to Help You Recover From the Holiday Season

Eight of the best LGBTQ+ Affirming Films You Can Watch Today

The holiday season is a busy time for most and, while you might have celebrated with family or friends, for members of the LGBTQ+ community, the holidays are not always a happy time. Some members of the LGBTQ+ community have accepting and loving families to spend the Christmas season with, but many do not. And, those who don’t might be forced to hide their true identities or not be welcome home. So, if you struggled during the holiday season last month, here are eight LGBTQ+ affirming films to help you recover.


The narrative of 17-year-old Alike (Adepero Oduye) as she traverses friendship turbulence, the joy, and pain of first love and her developing stud identity is told in the breathtaking classic lesbian film Pariah. Watching Pariah can be difficult because it does have portrayals of unsupportive relatives. But in the end, it’s a lovely and uplifting tale that’s also ideal if you want to release some holiday stress with a big weep. For $3.99 on Prime, it is available to rent.

Fire Island

Five friends are followed on their yearly journey to Fire Island in this endearing Pride and Prejudice retelling. To get his best friend Howie (Bowen Yang) bedded, jaded Noah (Joel Kim Booster) is determined, but he keeps getting sidetracked by a rocky affair with sarcastic Will (Conrad Ricamora). Friendships are put to the test, romances are sparked, and the scenery will excite anyone hoping to experience the beach virtually in the dead of winter.

The Half Of It

The Half of It

The Half of It is one of the more lighthearted LGBTQ+ affirming films. This coming-of-age Cyrano retelling includes a love triangle, a hot spring dip, and the inescapable romance of letter-writing. A football player named Paul (Daniel Diemer) pays the shrewd loner Ellie (Leah Lewis) so she may assist him to write letters to his ideal woman. Along the process, they become friends, and Ellie begins to feel a connection to Aster, Paul’s girlfriend (Alexxis Lemire). Although not a conventional (ha) romance, this movie skillfully examines the importance of being honest and loving oneself. 

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

This entertaining, absurd romp that has nothing to do with the holidays is a neon A24 murder mystery parody of the young and wealthy. The main romance in the film is between mysterious (Maria Bakalova) and flighty Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), which, let’s face it, will be the last thing that comes to mind as the bodies start to pile up. Simply said, it’s a terrific time, and you deserve one after the holidays.

Anything’s Possible

LGBTQ+ Affirming Films Anything's Possible

In the lovely and amusing high school romance Anything’s Possible, a flamboyant trans girl named Kelsa (Eva Reign) and a bashful cis student named Khal (Abubakr Ali) fall in love for the first time after being matched in an art class. The movie does have some transphobic storylines, but it doesn’t dwell on the trauma, and its overall message is encouraging. Billy Porter, a well-known actor, musician, and activist, makes his feature film directorial debut with this project, which is set in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Wendell and wild

This eerie stop-motion annimation might take you from the overdone winter festivities to the far queerer Halloween. The film Wendell and Wild reunites Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key as the titular devil brothers Wendell (Key) and Wild (Peele). With the aid of punk clairvoyant Kat and her new companion, trans artist Ral, they cause mayhem before taking on the prison industrial complex. With its lighthearted tone, the movie’s serious themes of loss and redemption are given levity, giving it the ideal emotional experience for your post-holiday rehabilitation.

My Fake Boyfriend

With the help of his girlfriend Kelly, tech-savvy Jake (Dylan Sprouse) deepfakes Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) as a new boyfriend to keep the poisonous relationship at bay. Andrew (Keiynan Lonsdale) is a wry, lovable character who struggles to put a stop to his toxic relationship (Sarah Hyland). Does that seem confusing to you? Don’t give it too much thought! In this ridiculous rom-com, everyone gives it their all, and what more could you possibly want?

The Way He Looks

LGBTQ+ Affirming Films The Way He Looks

In this tender Brazilian coming-of-age film, Leo (Ghilherme Lobo) is at first suspicious of the magnetic new boy in school, Gabriel (Fábio Audi), who suddenly takes an interest in him. However, a series of sweet moments during walks home and school parties (as well as an impeccably whimsical soundtrack) lead to romance. Even while we still need more performances by gay, disabled performers themselves, The Way He Looks is notable given how infrequently the media depicts the reality of LGBT disabled people.