Census Reveals Brighton and Hove has Largest LGBTQ+ Population

For the first time ever, the UK census has revealed data about LGBTQ+ populations

Until now, the England and Wales population census hasn’t reported on any LGBTQ-specific data. But, the newly-released 2021 report has changed this for good as it revealed the percentage population of LGBTQ+ individuals across England and Wales and within specific locations.

According to the census, approximately 1.3 million of the 44.9 million respondents identify as LGBTQ+. However, as providing information on your sexual orientation or assigned gender at birth was voluntary, the numbers are likely even higher.

The report also revealed that Brighton and Hove has the highest percentage of LGBTQ+ individuals, with 20.11% of the population identifying with a non-heterosexual sexual orientation.

2021 Census
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Other locations that proved to be LGBTQ-friendly included Central Exeter (10.3%), Central Bournemouth (8.9%) and Aberwystwyth in Wales (16.56%). Local London Authorities, such as the City of London (10.32%) and Lambeth (8.3%) also scored highly.

The decision to include the voluntary question was made by the government as they believed information regarding LGBTQ+ populations would provide evidence about inequalities and would help local authorities to tackle discrimination and make informed decisions about health care, education and employment.

The 2021 data, also revealed the areas with low rates of LGBTQ+ persons. These locations included, Shropshire, East Suffolk and Wiltshire, all of which had less than 3% LGBTQ+ representation in their populations.

Additionally, the report provided an insight into the number of transgender individuals in each area. Of those who answered the questionnaire, 250,000 identified as transgender or as a gender which was not assigned to them at birth.

Hopefully, with this new data, the UK government can better look after their LGBTQ+ population.