MeUndies X The Sims

Sims 4 teams up with LGBTQ+ Inclusive brand Meundies

Social simulation game The Sims 4 has teamed up with progressive underwear brand MeUndies for a lingerie and intimates collection especially made for gamers. The ‘Simtimates Collection Kit,” launched in January 2023, features a vibrant assortment of bras, knickers and boxers that are made to fit a wide array of gamers’ imaginations of The Sims 4 characters. 

What really catches your eye is the bold prints. There’s a red cartoon heart against a black backdrop style named ‘Racing Hearts,’ a kisses and hugs print in red and purple they’re calling ‘XOXO’ and a quirky space print with aliens dubbed ‘To The Moon.’

MeUndies X Sims 4
© Sims 4

MeUndies was a great choice of partnership for The Sims 4 as they have a truly inclusive approach to underwear design and marketing. The company is known for its body-positive underwear that doesn’t simply look good, it’s comfortable to wear whatever body type their customers may have. The brand is also LGBTQ+ inclusive, having partnered with The LA LGBT Center, which has 800 employees that help people in the community with issues surrounding Health, Social Services and Housing, Culture and Education and Leadership and Advocacy. “We are an unstoppable force in the fight against bigotry and the struggle to build a better world, a world in which LGBT people can be healthy, equal, and complete members of society.” MeUndies’ Instagram community is 441k-strong at the time of writing, and for good reason. Their feel-good posts feature a range of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds with diverse body types. They even have a Pride highlight, which shows its team members at various Pride events across the US, proving their support for the community.

The Sims x MeUndies Simtimates Collection Kit is a great way to inspire body positivity in The Sims 4 gamers. Users are able to try out new styles of underwear that they may not have the confidence to in real life, which is the brilliant thing about in-gaming marketing. “It is important to both MeUndies and The Sims, that people, and Sims, feel confident and empowered in their bodies, and by extension, their clothes. Our items will look great on all shapes and sizes. Add confidence to your Sims’ closets with bedroom styles inspired by today’s fashion trends.” Maxis, the video game developers behind The Sims 4.

Visit the The Sims x MeUndies website here.

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