Madonna: A TRUE ALLY 

Global megastar Madonna has announced she will be hosting and performing at a trans rights benefit concert in the US city of Nashville, Tennessee. While it’s exciting news that Madonna will grace us with her otherworldly presence on stage again, this gig is for all the wrong reasons. Madonna is standing up against Tennessee’s new law that criminalises drag performances in public places and anywhere children are present. 

By going through with this gig, Madonna is proving herself, once again, as a true ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. The singer has notoriously been uplifting people who identify as anything other than heterosexual all her life. Voguing at underground ballroom events in New York City in the 80s and then taking the dancing phenomenon to global awareness was probably her first bold move to showcase her support.

Since then, she has organised copious AIDS benefit concerts and taken the mic multiple times at global events to deliver eloquent speeches that highlight the need for global equality. She has also raised millions of dollars through campaigning for so many LGBTQIA+-focused charities that are essential to the mental wellbeing of the community. 

So here’s to Madonna. Thank you for being such a powerful spokeswoman and ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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