Pride in London unveils new ‘Never March Alone’ campaign

Pride in London has recently revealed its 2023 campaign, titled ‘Never March Alone,’ which aims to highlight support for the transgender community. This campaign arrives at a crucial time when trans and non-binary individuals face increasing levels of hatred from politicians and the media, often framed as part of the controversial ‘trans debate.’

‘Never March Alone’ seeks to showcase the joy and celebrate the multifaceted individuals within the trans community. The campaign will feature a series of photographic and video portraits, capturing members of the trans and non-binary community alongside their allies. These empowering images will be displayed on digital billboards, social media platforms, and incorporated into the stage content during the Pride in London event.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with a group of trans advocates, including Mz Kimberly, Hannah and Jake Graf, and Dani St. James. Their involvement ensures that the campaign effectively highlights the vital importance and unwavering spirit of trans and non-binary people.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, commented, “London is renowned worldwide as a symbol of inclusivity and diversity, with Pride playing a significant role in this reputation. This year’s campaign, supporting the trans and non-binary community, aligns with our city’s values. In London, you are free to be your true self and love whomever you choose. In July, over 1.5 million people will take to the streets, once again sending that powerful message to the world.”

Christopher Joell-Deshields, CEO of Pride in London, emphasised the significance of the event, stating, “Pride in London is more than just a celebration; it is a gathering that fosters unity and support. In the face of ongoing adversity for the global LGBT+ community, we want every trans and non-binary person to feel the unwavering solidarity we offer. You are not alone; we stand with you.”

Through the ‘Never March Alone’ campaign, Pride in London aims to create a powerful and inclusive space, demonstrating solidarity and support for the trans and non-binary community. By amplifying their voices and celebrating their diverse identities, the campaign will contribute to a more accepting and understanding society.

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